“Smart Contracts & Blockchain – Evolving Jurisprudence in India” published under “V.1 I.1” of CALR | JALJ
  • Author: Jalaj Jain
  • Institution: Gujrat National Law University
  • Publication Date – 5th January 2021

Abstract: The primary research problem is that the dissemination of information regarding the regulatory framework governing Smart Contracts and Blockchain has not been uniform and comprehensive in India. The research will address the problem mentioned above by covering all the contours of the topic, ‘Smart Contracts & Blockchain- Evolving Jurisprudence in India’. The unavailability of a comprehensive set of rules published by the Government of India regarding Blockchain or Smart Contracts makes the task of addressing the research mentioned above problem more challenging.

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Smart Contracts & Blockchain – Evolving Jurisprudence in India

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