“A Study of Emerging Issues of Cyber Law” Volume 1 Issue 1 CALR | JALJ

  • Author: Shivesh Shrivastava
  • Institution: Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University
  • Publication Date: 14th January 2021
  • Affiliation: Centre for Technology Law

Abstract: In today’s world, everything is lunging towards the cyber world, via digitization and networking to fast-track their way to the abundance of benefits of the online world. Fields such as marketing, commerce, communication have not only been revolutionized but have completely evolved new, previously non-existent branches such as online marketing, e-commerce, and online communications. But as is the rule of evolution, following the evolution of prey, the predator evolves soon after. And thus, the cyber world birthed an entirely new category of criminal methodology commonly referred to as cybercrime. To handle the atrocity of cybercrime the development of law and order at the same pace is crucial. Although the prevalent laws namely, IT ACT 2000, National Cyber Security Policy, etc cover some aspects of cybercrime; it is far from being said that cyber laws in India are up to the required standards. For instance, issues such as cyber vandalism, cyber violence, and cyber rape are completely unaddressed. Even the term “Cyber Crimes” has not been recognized under any statutory text. Therefore, this paper will mainly focus on the challenges faced due to cybercrime, the immediate need for development in the laws covering the issue of cybercrime and issues prevalent on the cyber enforcement side of the equation.

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A Study of Emerging Issues of Cyber Law

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