• Research/Scholar Paper name – Alienation of Joint Hindu Family Property
  • Author: Ambarish Bharadwaj Sivashankaran
  • Institution: Bennett University
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 01/07/2022


This research paper critically analyses the topic of ‘Alienation of Joint Hindu Family Property.’

The main objective of this research paper is to understand the various aspects related to property in general in India and the transfer of such family property/ coparcenary property. It deals with the various modes of alienation and who has the power to alienate the property. The paper explains the situation when Mitakshara and Dharmashastra texts were followed. In addition to that, a brief explanation has been given about the current legal position as well and how it has evolved over time. And finally, the rights and remedies of alienee’s such as right to partition, right to joint possession and others have been mentioned.

The research paper follows the doctrinal method of research. Under this method, the main sources of information are from primary sources such as statutes and regulations relating to the topic. The research also includes secondary sources like articles, blogs, and books. I’ve explained in detail about who can alienate the joint Hindu family property

The following are the questions the research paper would deal with:

  • Who is a Karta?
  • Who can alienate joint family property?
  • What are the different ways in which property can be transferred?
Alienation of Joint Hindu Family Property

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