• Research/Scholar Paper name – Capital Punishment: A Coherent Means or A Relic of History
  • Author: Beleena Biju
  • Institution: Amity Law School, Noida
  • Affiliation: Centre for the Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 02/04/2021


Executing a person for a crime of a specific nature, subject to the legal procedure is termed Capital Punishment. Extrajudicial murder under no circumstance can be termed as Capital Punishment, it will sum up to murder. Fairness should be the key element kept while handing over a death warrant because an innocent execution will remain a stain on the justice system forever.

This paper will take you from the beginning, when executions were simple and straight, till today where even murder is excused based on racial bias, public pressure and mercy pleas. Statistical data of the states still evolving and executing, both have been addressed. This paper contains the validity of the Death Penalty in India, the United States and the United Kingdom. The arguments both for and against have also been examined along with case laws, statutes and prodigious quotations.

Capital Punishment: A Coherent Means or A Relic of History

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