• Research/Scholar Paper name – Contouring Legal Education In India: An Analysis Of Challenges Posed By Covid-19
  • Author: Aditi Sharma
  • Institution: Assistant Professor of Law from School of Law- Mody University, Lakshamngarh, Sikar
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 30/10/2021


The law as a social institution is designed to regulate human relations – economic, social, political and cultural. It will not stand still, when the basic conditions of society change rapidly, there is a desire for change to be brought into society. However, with the exception of a number of changes that have taken place in society and in other professions, Indian society has therefore gone back to legal education. The bar in India, hence, faced technical challenges and saw the need to address technical challenges that arose during the COVID era. The current COVID 19 has seen a pattern where senior experienced lawyers, judges and academics come together within the platform of various webinars to share their expertise and knowledge. This paper seeks to look at the scope of legal education within the context of the COVID19 scenario, where many legal institutions are quickly becoming accustomed to technology-based legal education and therefore the challenges posed by it. It will also analyze whether there is a desire to change beyond the current technology system to abandon the common legal teaching methods in India.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is a major period of change that has left an unexpected impact worldwide. While many sectors are undergoing radical change, legal education is also different. Law schools, students, academics and the whole process have been affected in both ways.

The broader concept of legal education includes national and international law, in-depth research, intellectual learning, management skills in various fields, etc. As we look at the positive effect of COVID-19 on legal education, it has forced Indian scholars to go beyond some serious and rethinking thinking now. With people confined to their homes, e-learning emerges as the best place to pursue legal education.

Contouring Legal Education In India: An Analysis Of Challenges Posed By Covid-19

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