• Research/Scholar Paper name – Corporate Governance of Blockchains
  • Author: Raviraj Zinzuvadia
  • Institution: Pravin Gandhi College Of Law, Mumbai University
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 16/11/2021


When it comes to financial record keeping, blockchains provide a revolutionary use of encryption and information technology that could revolutionize company governance. Some of the biggest names in the financial services industry have already made significant investments in this new technology, and stock exchanges have recommended adopting blockchains as a new way to trade and track corporate stocks. For management, institutional investors, small shareholders, auditors and other parties interested in corporate governance this essay assesses the probable ramifications of the developments in question. Due to cheaper costs, better liquidity, more accurate records, and greater transparency of ownership, blockchains have the potential to fundamentally alter the power dynamics among these groups.


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