• Research/Scholar Paper name – Critical Analysis of Cyber Laws of India
  • Author: Ripdiman Kaur
  • Institution: Assistant professor (LAW), DGIM LAW COLLEGE, JASANA ,FARIDABAD)
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 21/04/2022


In the era of technology and the fast-paced world, the world has become much lower on the web. The web has raised the heads of many devices and is used on every phone. This important component has also experienced a few important issues in our lives and one of them is Cyber ​​inefficiency. This case has the power to destroy the country’s economy without slaughter. It is often seen that created nations use this as a weapon to demonstrate their power and rule over different nations. Many researchers even say; everyone is noticed by someone else when they use the web. From simple web spam to cyberwar, this case has become quite common. This is often used as a tool to use a modest economy without discovery. Due to the anonymity of the crime, it becomes a challenge to track down the real culprits and move the regions to exploit. Regulations have been put in place in many developing lands, yet they may not be enough to regulate the process or they may simply be playing games. With this in mind, this paper will address the various reasons why non-industrialized nations are the obvious target of fraud.

As we all see here a lot of things are usually done on the web from internet management to web-based exchanges. Since the web is considered a whole category, anyone can access web resources from anywhere. New web design has been used by a number of people for crimes such as unauthorized importation of third party organization, tricks and so on. This web-based crime or offenses has been identified as cyber malpractice. To stop or oppose cyber criminals the term “Cyber Law” was introduced. The objectives of the study are to understand growth of internet users in the world and in Asia, to study growing cyber crimes, to understand the opinion of practicing advocates regarding the provisions of existing cyber laws in India to tackle with the cyber crimes and to understand the shortcomings in the IT Act.

Critical Analysis of Cyber Laws of India

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