• Research/Scholar Paper name – Cyber Laws: Comparative Study of Indian and Foreign laws
  • Author:  Yoshita Gwalani
  • Institution: University of Mumbai Law Academy
  • Affiliation: Centre for Technology Law
  • Date of Publication: 15/04/2021


With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a complete shift in dependency on electronic devices and the internet and a consequent surge in cybersecurity threats in India.

With the constant rise in cyberattacks such as phishing, Trojans, Malware attacks, and privacy concerns, it is important to shed light on the existing cybersecurity laws and legal remedies available to a victim of a cyberattack in India. Cyberattacks in India have gained great momentum since February 2020 as the percentage of cyberattacks has increased to 500% in 2020 alone with more expected in the near future. The paper aims at analyzing the current legislation of India concerning cyber laws, cybersecurity, and remedies available for cyberattack victims. The Article also sheds light on the upcoming cyber laws in India and their potential impact on cybersecurity and cyberattacks. The paper seeks to establish whether the existing laws in addition to the upcoming laws are sufficient to combat the current and future threats to privacy and cybersecurity while also focusing on analyzing the existing legislation concerning cyber laws in western countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia in comparison to that of Indian cyber laws.

Cyber Laws: Comparative Study of Indian and Foreign laws

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