• Research/Scholar Paper name – Data Protection in the Internet Era
  • Author: Karishma
  • Co-Author: Kush Bisht
  • Institution: JEMTEC School of Law, Greater Noida, Affiliated to GGSIPU
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 03/09/2021


Today, the internet has become a necessity in our daily life. Although the Internet makes our life fast yet it has become easy for anyone to exploit the private information of any individual. We are aware of how development is directly linked to the exchange of ideas and information which allows the free flow of data and hence, regulation is inevitable. The data can be further misused by any individual, companies or antisocial elements. It forms the blueprint of a nation and therefore it is important to protect the same from various anti-social elements or companies. Privacy is the freedom from intrusion and it is an important aspect when it comes to the protection of personal data that is present on a virtual platform. Data Protection is basically the practice of making rules and regulations in order to protect personal information from external sources. We live in a data-driven society where we are stalked by algorithms that profile all of us. Earlier, India did not have a proper legal framework for data protection. The challenge basically relates to the jurisdictional conflict of data protection laws around the world. In 2018, the Data Protection bill was introduced in the Parliament which takes into consideration the actual needs of data protection of users as well as privacy as a fundamental aspect. Although privacy has been promised to us as a fundamental right we are not sure of the fact that it is still being granted to us in a proper manner prescribed as still our data is being traded illegally. Also, every other day we hear news related to the data leaks of millions of private records from big corporations and government agencies. In this paper, we talk about the concept of data protection in the internet era and why the privacy of data is necessary.

Data Protection in the Internet Era

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