• Research/Scholar Paper name – Devadasi System – A social evil
  • Author: Bhavana Arora
  • Institution: Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 16/07/2021


The COVID-19 outbreak and associated lockdown to minimize the transmission of the pandemic led to societal alienation, decreased social support and increased cases of domestic violence against women. Domestic Violence at home, a predominant worry in all social orders, and the conversations concerning this practice are related to the vulnerabilities and restrictions. Abusive behaviour at home/relationship misuse alludes to intimate relationships or among accomplices and generally the females the victims in these cases. There are many women that in their nearby relations and prompt social environment encounters mental and physical viciousness that later on turn into serious medical issues for them. An example of a coercive methodology that incorporates physical, mental, sexual, monetary, and psychological violence that one individual executes against another nearby individual with the mean to set up and keep up force and control is the home-grown viciousness. The event of abusive behaviour at home can be seen in a wide range of close relations like married couples, live-in relationship couples, individuals that are having common children, accomplices (Partners) with the same sex, in previous relations, and so forth. The target of this paper is to discover the nature and various reasons for aggressive behaviour at home against ladies during the lockdown circumstance of COVID-19.  It can be distinguished that during the circumstance of COVID-19 there can be various reasons and nature of the aggressive behaviour at home, for example, obnoxious attack, abuse, physical attack, badgering, abuse, hostile nature of the companion, and sexual maltreatment because of the reasons like the character of the female, money related emergency, predominant nature, liquor, and extramarital issues and so on.  Subsequently, building awareness around abusive behaviour at home is fundamental.

The Maharashtra Police also registered 34,010 FIRs for infringement of the lockdown. The Crime Rate has also increased in this COVID 19 situation.

Domestic Violence: An Analysis During Covid 19

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