Index Centre for Research Journal in collaboration with Centre for Academic Research present
2nd ICRJ Essay Writing Competition on the theme of:
“Ayodhya Judgement: Past, Present and the Future”

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Last date of registration: 10th Septemper, 2020.

Last date of submission: 15th September, 2020.
Declaration of results: 30th September 2020.

Call for Articles


  1. The development of IBC in relation to the current Economic Situation.
  2. The New Tax Regime.
  3. The Impact of Singapore Convention 2018 on the World of International Commercial Dispute.
  4. The Legal Side of Blockchain Technology.
  5. Recent Developments in the Constitutional Jurisprudence.

We also welcome articles other than the themes mentioned above.

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Work Details:

  1. A minimum of 2-month tenure of work.
  2. No. of articles to be submitted 4 per month or other tasks , in accordance with the direction given by Editorial Board or Project heads of established centres. 

NO OF VACCINES– Minimum 5 for each department.

Upon the review of work and performance, selected content writers will be given the post of Editors within the institution.

Please refer to CALR Policy to know more about the nature of work and the contractual relationship between the applicant and the Institute. The applicant if submits the form then he/she is consenting to the guidelines of the CARL Policy 2020.

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