• Research/Scholar Paper name – Federalism in India: A Critical Review
  • Author:   Zeba Darvesh
  • Institution: MIT WPU, Faculty of law
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 25/05/2021


This article conceptualises the position of India as a quasi-federal country, it contains Indian Constitutional provisions namely, article 249, article 250, article 253 and article 356 which demarcate the clear position of India and answers the question of whether India is truly federal or not? This article also consists of the federal as well as the unitary features of the Indian Constitution which is supported with some eminent case laws like Union of India v. Sankalchand, State of West Bengal vs Union of India and such similar cases which define Federalism in India. Furthermore, a critical evaluation has been conducted to analyse the quasi-federal set up in India.

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Federalism in India: A Critical Review

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