• Research/Scholar Paper name – Gender Neutrality: A Way to Seek Equality for all Genders
  • Author: Sakshi Kulasri
  • Co-Author: Sejal Sachdeva
  • Institution: Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 06/07/2021


For the last few decades, the prevailing approach to sexual violence has focused virtually exclusively on the abuse of women and girls and sexual violence against males continues to flourish. The legal framework of our country is based on a societal skeleton. Even the judiciary is tilted towards societal norms. The canons of ‘Equality’ treasured in the Basic Structure of the Constitution of India are not stringently adhered to if we were to ascertain the pragmatic realities of identifying the concept of ‘Gender Neutrality’ in various acts of our legislation. In India, there are many genders specific laws where it has been assumed that men are the sole perpetrators and women are the sole victims of sexual offences. The authors put forth an in-depth discussion on gender neutrality, suggesting the way forward. Therefore, this paper intends to draw a comprehensive study on the need for gender-neutral laws in our country. The paper discussed the concept of gender neutrality from different perspectives i.e., in respect of victim and perpetrator. It highlights some gender-specific laws and biasness caused against men as a result of these laws. Alongside, it strives to exchange the views for and against gender neutrality and the roadmap to achieve the goal of gender justice and gender equality in India. They endeavour to answer sceptics who believe gender-neutral laws are detrimental to women’s interests. This paper is an effort put forth by authors to create awareness about the correct meaning of gender neutrality and its effects and consequences. Lastly, the authors criticize the legislature’s inability to address the concern of other genders while protecting one marginalized gender. Not only men but transgenders also feel left out when they became prey to sexual offences like rape. The ultimate intention is to call for amendments incorporating gender neutrality so as to ensure equality for all genders

Gender Neutrality: A Way to Seek Equality for all Genders

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