• Research/Scholar Paper name – Green Ip: The Way Forward
  • Author:Divyakshi Jain
  • Institution: National Law University Jodhpur
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 17/08/2021


In this paper, I would be discussing the concepts of Green Technology and Green intellectual Property. Going green has now become imperative and not just an option. Thus, this has created a need for the development of green technology and this, in turn, has brought out the importance of Green Intellectual Property. In this paper, I have discussed the various components of Green Intellectual Property. Then, I have discussed the various initiatives that have been launched in order to promote Green Intellectual Property around the world. Lastly, there are certain suggestions provided by me to combat the divide between the developed and developing countries in relation to the protection and promotion of Green Intellectual Property. Since Green Technology is the future, sufficient consideration needs to be given to Green Intellectual property as well.


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