• Research/Scholar Paper name – History of Statutory Interpretations
  • Author: Srestha Nag
  • Institution: Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 05/04/2022


Statutory interpretations are not mere elaboration of meanings of a text. The authoritative and legal meaning of a particular context is necessary to deal with and there forth, statutory interpretations were found as a necessity.

The point of having a legislature is to create laws and to give meaning and effect to such principles as formulated. There forth, the issue is not of the constitutional paradigm but is of a wider aspect.

At present, lawyers all over the world seem to face questions on the extent and bound till where the materials derived out of statutory interpretations are reliable. Further, the questions extend to the effect of the emphasis newly laid on the texts or the importance of a context. There forth, the problems are whether the statutory interpretations are refined at a proper pace and time or no. This question is relevant as an interpretation shall always keep up to the pace of the centuries and shall evolve in a dynamic manner. Further, another issue is whether a particular redefinition is a result of a method of interpretation or for the need of evolvement.

Even though the aim of the change remains the same, the legislative intent might alter and there forth, such shall be answered herein.

History of Statutory Interpretations

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