• Research/Scholar Paper name – Introduction to Dowry System in India
  • Author: Monu Malhan
  • Institution: C. R. Law college, Hisaar
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 24/06/2022


Domestic violence is considered the social evil prevailing in society and this is not the new term that one has come across. We have been coming through the cases of domestic violence since the ancient time of period. Domestic violence is one of the major and serious crimes which is committed against the woman by her abusive partner that affects the physical, mental health, and personal life of the woman. Domestic violence causes physical harm and mental harm to the person. Although there are laws in India that deals with domestic violence and various other remedies are available to the victim of the domestic violence, still women have to face the violence done by their husband. This paper is going to talk about the serious issue of domestic violence and the types of domestic violence that women have to face. In this paper, the laws related to the prevention of domestic violence will be discussed along with the decided cases to give an overview that how the judiciary of the country has worked to prevent such cases of domestic violence and the role of the government will be discussed in this paper.

Introduction to Dowry System in India

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