• Research/Scholar Paper name – Mental Health and Gender Discrimination at the workplace
  • Author: Madhura Pitre
  • Institution: LLM, Modern Law College
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 18/05/2022


Despite the progress that has been made over the years regarding gender equality in the workplace, women in India still face some kind of gender discrimination. Some common examples of gender discrimination are unfair treatment of women, failure to get promotion, less pay for similar work and sexual harassment of women at workplace. All of these have significant impact on the mental and physical health of women. The instances of gender discrimination led to anxiety, anger, low confidence and inferiority complex among women. After independence, Indian constitution has made several special provisions for the protection of women. Several legislations are enacted to uplift the position of women. The states are continuously focused on taking measures for empowerment of women. Judiciary has also played significant role in guarding the rights of women at workplace. India is signatory to various international conventions and treaties which are committed to secure equal rights of women. This present paper discusses about various favorable legal policies for women. This paper tries to discover whether these safeguards will eliminate gender discrimination and improve the mental health of working women. Change in social attitude is need of an hour. Positive and encouraging environment at workplace, respectful behavior and fair treatment to women will definitely improve mental health of women.

Mental Health and Gender Discrimination at workplace

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