• Research/Scholar Paper name – MOB LYNCHING: A Desecration of the Rule of Law
  • Author: Geetika Rathore
  • Institution: S S Jain Subodh Law College, Jaipur
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 14/09/2021


This paper provides an analysis of Mob Lynching and the criminal threat arising out of this Criminal Injustice Act to Humanity and its aspects. It has given a major increase to unwanted issues not only within the Nation but also globally. It’s a threat towards humanity, culture, nationality, cast and life. Though people that do, get involve and act as a neighbourhood of this unlawful crime don’t even realise before playing such a criminal intended state of mind with law and justice that it might affect their life either Physically, Mentally or may deduct their life with an act of Lynching, Leg pulling and Raging, it’s a clear cut crime defined under any Law as it’s a really sensitive issue for each individual which can’t be said or brought during a public at large, though it can only be felt and sensed by an individual sufferer of this largely ever silent crime. Though the driven force for all communication is the freedom of speech and expression which is granted under Art: 19(1) (a) of the Indian Constitution, but it doesn’t entertain any such criminal activities nor does it motivates any kind or manner of lynching, raging and leg-pulling. Then, the media even plays a really solid and awful role in promoting such activities by taking the interviews of witnesses and other parties regarding the matters which are legal and aren’t even taken or presented before any such courts and even though they’re presented during very fewer numbers and even after when the matter or issue becomes cold in public atmosphere, which undoubtedly and eventually reduces its value and objective of getting justice to the victim during a legal manner before the court of law. It though not affect only the victim/suffer but also the administration of justice which can cause the miscarriage of justice even in the upcoming future such issues or a criminal offence which takes place quietly and silently. There are even many sectors that support directly or indirectly such criminal injustice and unlawful activities. I was curious about the subject because it is controversial and gives rise to a chance to explore more and find a plausible solution for this deplorability in India. Here, I have tried to gather a bunch of remedies, laws, causes etc., related to mob lynching, which must be taken into consideration to get rid of this social problem.

MOB LYNCHING: A Desecration of the Rule of Law

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