• Research/Scholar Paper name – Queer Refugee Crisis
  • Author: Mohd Shueab
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 11/07/2021


In this paper, the author will be covering various aspects of Municipal Law in disagreement with International Refugee Law regarding the protection of LGBTQ especially the Transexual community. The queer community already faces a lot of struggles as they do not fit in the predefined mould of society and are often forced to fit. The author will cover the aspects of international law being gender-neutral but the failure of states to implement and stand firm on those laws. Municipal laws of various countries do not recognise various aspects of the LGBTQ community and it becomes extremely cumbersome for the Trans community as most genders can be fit into the mould of cis- men and women forcibly by the countries in exchange for refugee status and safety however trans community are often left unaided at the face of adversity. The author will attempt to provide a possible solution to the Queer Refugee Crisis which can also improve the status of the Trans community in the State as well as International Law.

Queer Refugee Crisis

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