• Research/Scholar Paper name – Singapore Mediation Convention: Transforming the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution”
  • Author: Coral Shah
  • Co-Author: Anjali Ann D’cunha
  • Institution: Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Dispute Resolution
  • Date of Publication: 17/06/2021


Mediation is the missing third piece in the dispute resolution system around the world. In this Article, the authors shall map the keys aspects of the Singapore Mediation Convention, 2019 and assess how it undergirds the future of Mediation around the world. The first part of the article offers a background to the Convention and the body responsible for its formation. The second part explores the reasons that catalyzed the formation of the Convention and what is the ultimate purpose of the Convention. The third part examines the important provisions and identifies its limitations. It traces the negotiation sessions that led to the formation of each provisions and also highlights the parallel law under the New York Convention. The underlying purpose of this article is examining the ‘means’ employed through negotiations during drafting ‘match the end’ i.e. the goals and aims of the Convention.

Singapore Mediation Convention: Transforming the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution

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