• Research/Scholar Paper name – The Practical Implications of Mental Health Care Act Pursuant to The Provisions of Suicide and Suicide Attempts
  • Author: Eesha Pasekar
  • Institution: Department of Law (LLM), Modern Law College, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 18/05/2022


Suicides have these days come to be common. If we examine the range of humans committing suicide, it’s miles found that the variety of those who attempt suicide is much extra than the quantity of folks who die by means of suicide. The term suicide is pondered in  laws, one is the Indian Penal Code and the other is Mental Healthcare Act.  It isn’t always unexpected that the legal guidelines governing the same issue may be contradictory in nature. That looks to be what happened, with the perfect courtroom calling attention to one such anomaly. The excellent courtroom emphasized the inherent contradiction between Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code and the Mental Healthcare Act of 2017. Inside the middle of 2018, the Indian Mental Healthcare Act (MHCA), 2017 was handed. Section 115 of the Act decriminalised try to dedicate suicide (attempted suicide). This is opposite to the abetment legal guidelines of Indian Penal Code (under Sections 109, 116, 306, and 309). The Mental Healthcare Act lets in unfastened healthcare, rehabilitation and remedy to the folks that attempted suicide. The professionals of scientific, intellectual health, and trendy and the various institutions (associated with mental fitness) need to refurbish their  knowledge for the people who tried suicide so that the professionals can act according with the Act’s provisions with the intention to aid the people who attempted suicide. MHCA 2017 includes provision of mental healthcare but to get admission to the identical big public recognition campaigns are required. Suicide decriminalisation need to be considered in the felony and public discourse as a crucial first step towards a fruitful communication about suicide prevention.

The Practical Implications of Mental Health Care Act Pursuant to The Provisions of Suicide and Suicide Attempts

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