• Research/Scholar Paper name – Wrongs Committed in Medical Practice and Medical Profession
  • Author: Kartikeya Chaturvedi
  • Institution: Lloyd Law College
  • Affiliation: Centre for Study of Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Date of Publication: 09/02/2021


This article centers around the violations or wrongs that are being perpetrated in the province of Maharashtra identified with clinical calling or in different fields like wrong medical diagnosis and therapy or be it out of line exchange rehearses by specialists and drug specialists or labor and instances of pregnancy and furthermore laws that control every one of these at a national level and furthermore in the territory of Maharashtra, seeing some case laws on its side and afterward tracking down the distinction between fundamental of medical negligence and great clinical practices in order to comprehend the need of good medical practices at the season of such wrongdoings.

Prior to going through this allows first to see a few things about the province of Maharashtra and comprehend its demography and notable elements of this state:

Maharashtra is a state in the western and focal peninsular district of India involving a considerable piece of the Deccan Plateau. Maharashtra is the second-most crowded state in India just as the third-most crowded country region on the planet. It was framed on 1 May 1960 by parting the bilingual Bombay State, which had existed starting around 1956, into greater part Marathi- speaking Maharashtra and Gujarati-speaking Gujarat. The Godavari and the Krishna are the two significant streams in the state. The timberland cover in the state is 16.47% of the state’s topographical region. Spread more than 307,713 km2 (118,809 sq mi), it is the third-biggest state by region in India.

Wrongs Committed in Medical Practice and Medical Profession

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